The Odori Cowl

The Odori Cowl was born in one of those perfect bursts of random inspiration where out of the blue I knew exactly how many stitches to cast on, precisely what needle size for maximum drape, resulting in the complete and serendipitous usage of only 1 ball.  It was magical, one of those cherished and rare knitting moments where I actually didn’t have to frog it and start all over again.

And did I mention I’ve worn it every day since?

The Odori Cowl is knit from one skein of beautiful Noro Odori yarn, a chunky, self-striping quadruple-whammy of angora, silk, kid mohair, and wool.  So soft and supple!  You can knit one of these in only a couple hours.  Make one in every colorway!  I am…

The Odori Cowl by Julie Edwards

Materials: US size 15 needles, 1 ball Noro Odori Yarn (110 yds, 14 sts per 4″), jumbo darning needle.


Cast on 32 stitches loosely.  Work a K2, P2 rib until you have used up almost the entire ball (leaving enough tail for cast off and finishing).  Cast off loosely and sew the two ends together.


2 responses to “The Odori Cowl

  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing the pattern directions – this is on my list of what to knit next.

  2. Perfect for my one skein of baby alpaca.
    love it and casting on in minutes.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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