Moss Stitch Cowl

Okay, maybe not really the blues. I mean, i did knit this once already over the last 2 days (Christmas 2010!) and decided it was half as big as it should be and took it all out and started it all over, but that just goes with the territory. No one said research and development was easy and quick. (At least I hope not…)

4 balls of Dive Autunno should do it. This self-ombré-ing merino is incredibly soft and smooth, and works up chunky on size 11 needles. One of the great all-time yarns, IMHO…

UPDATE: Moss Stitch Cowl Completed!

Here I am clearly ecstatic to be wearing it:

This must be the face your make when trying to take a picture of yourself with an iPhone.

And here it is worn as a hood (perfect for the 80 degree Los Angeles winter):

Hmmm... very "druid" in this pic.

Want to make it?  Here’s a link to a pdf you can download:


3 responses to “Moss Stitch Cowl

  1. Is there any reason why the Moss Stitch Cowl couldn’t/shouldn’t be knitted on circulars?

    • Not particularly, except that the stitches would be facing a different way. The cowl was designed for beginners who might not be in the mood to learn circular knitting yet. Also, working it flat means getting it to the exact length you need it before sewing it up, which I like. No size surprises when casting off…

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